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Muscogee (Creek) Nation (Amanda Rutland/Muscogee Nation/ZUMA Press/Newscom)

US Supreme Court rules half of Oklahoma is Native American land

The ruling means that some tribe members found guilty in state courts for offenses committed on the land at issue can now challenge their convictions. Justice Neil Gorsuch, a conservative appointed by President Donald Trump, sided with the court’s four liberals and also wrote the opinion. He referred to the Trail of Tears, the forcible 19th Century relocation of Native […]

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The Third Crusade (Image Album on Imgur)

Our Christian Heritage

Sailing for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, Christopher Columbus reached America in the Bahamas on Friday, October 12, 1492. Columbus and his men knelt down and gave thanks to God for their safe voyage and claimed the island a Spanish possession. He christened the island San Salvador – Holy Savior. Curious and friendly natives came out to meet […]

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