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Coronavirus continues unabated. Iran remains a hub of infection, war-torn Syria has recorded its first case and Yemen is bracing itself for the worst. Here’s the latest from across the region (image AFP/L. Beshara)

How Are the Muslim World’s Reacting to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The Muslim world’s reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic helps to highlight some important aspects of the Islamic faith. It also reveals some important differences between Islam and Christianity. Of course, there are similarities as well. The main one is that Muslims, like Christians, are praying to God to spare them and their loved ones from the contagion. Still, the differences […]

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Rev. Lawan Andimi (YouTube/Melodyinter World/Screengrab)

Boko Haram kidnaps pastor, releases video showing his plea for help

A pastor abducted by a faction of the radical Islamic extremist group Boko Haram during a raid in the Adamawa state of Nigeria last week has issued a plea for help in a video released by the terrorist group. The Nigeria-based extremist group known for terrorizing the Lake Chad region released a video last week showing the Rev. Lawan Andimi […]

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