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Police force a black youth to the ground. He was among about 80 student demonstrators who marched on the U.S. consulate on University Ave. to back civil rights workers in Alabama on March 16, 1966. (Gerry Barker/Toronto Star/Getty Images)

Church is the Right Place to Address George Floyd’s Death

Reaching, Touching and Changing Lives through Evangelism and Church Planting. Matt. 28:19-20 The Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in the USA is saddened by the murder of Mr. George Floyd by a policeman who swore to serve and protect lives. We weep as a nation because of our disregard for life not just in Floyd’s case but in so many […]

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Protests Continue Despite Curfews Across The Country

Barack Obama says protests across the country aren’t like the 1968 riots, which some think helped elect Nixon

KEY POINTS Former President Barack Obama said Wednesday he doesn’t think the protests erupting across the country are like those the U.S. faced in 1968. Many have drawn comparison to the two years, which saw economic challenges and racial strife. Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968, by campaigning on “law and order” in the wake of those riots. Former […]

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