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Members of ISIS group Boko Haram in NigeriaCredit (Image, Handout Getty)

Islamic State Group In Nigeria Reportedly Executes Christian Hostages

An affiliate of the Islamic State says it executed 11 Christians in Nigeria in retaliation for the killings of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his spokesman earlier this year, according to Agence France-Presse. The terrorist group released a video on Thursday through its online news agency, Telegram, that reportedly shows masked militants from the Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP) […]

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Image, Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

Two Africans Make ‘Forbes List of 100 Most Powerful Women’

Are there no powerful women in Africa? Interestingly, this is an increase of one from the 2017 and 2018 list. Forbes has just released “Forbes list of 100 Most Powerful Women”, and only two women from Africa were listed. The two women from Africa named on the list occupied the 93 and 98 positions. Some critics have asserted that Forbes […]

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Over One Million People Has Been Displaced by Flooding Across East Africa.

Over One Million People are Affected by Flooding Across East Africa

Flooding across East Africa affects over 1 million people (Africa News) More than 1 million people in East Africa are affected by flooding after higher than normal rainfall, an aid group said Friday. Parts of the region are bracing for a tropical storm, Kyarr, that could worsen an already dire humanitarian situation. The International Rescue Committee said many people had […]

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The Radio Africa Facebook page, which masqueraded as a news page in Sudan, was part of a Russian-backed influence network in central and northern Africa. (Credit...Stanford Internet Observatory).

Russia Tests New Disinformation Tactics in Africa to Expand Influence

Facebook said it removed three Russian-backed influence networks aimed at African countries. The activity by the networks suggested Russia’s approach was evolving. Russia has been testing new disinformation tactics in an enormous Facebook campaign in parts of Africa, as part of an evolution of its manipulation techniques ahead of the 2020 American presidential election. Facebook said on Wednesday that it […]

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Botswana’s Chief Justice announced on Friday that the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has won the general election (Image Reuters).

Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) Wins General Election

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has won the general election after securing 29 national assembly seats, representing 51 percent of the vote, the chief justice announced on Friday. Botswana voted on Wednesday to elect 57 national assembly and 490 local government representatives, with the candidate of the winning party set to become president. “Although vote counting is still ongoing, […]

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Truett Foster McKeehan (second from the right in the back row), the oldest son of rapper TobyMac (at left), was found dead at 21 on Wednesday. (image tobymac/Instagram).

Truett Foster McKeehan, Son of Christian rapper TobyMac died at 21 in Nashville

Truett Foster McKeehan, the oldest of Christian rapper TobyMac’s five children, was found dead at 21 in a Nashville-area home on Wednesday. McKeehan, an aspiring rapper who released tracks under the names TRU, Shiloh, truDog and Truett Foster, was found dead in Nashville on Wednesday morning, according to several reports. The cause of his death remains under investigation. The Metro […]

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At least 400 young men joined the protest at Jawar's house in the capital Addis Ababa while some two dozen police officers stood nearby [Tiksa Negeri/Reuters]

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Faces Protests After Activist’s Late-Night Standoff

Protesters in eastern Ethiopia have burnt copies of a new book by prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Abiy Ahmed in a show of solidarity with an opposition media activist. Jawar Mohammed had said the government was removing security from his home in the capital, which officials denied. This triggered protests outside his compound and elsewhere in the country. […]

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Ben Enwonwu painting sold for $1.4 million at an auction.

Ben Enwonwu Painting of Christine Davis Sold For $1.4 million

A painting by the late Nigerian master painter and sculptor Ben Enwonwu this week sold for $1.4m at an auction in the British capital, London. The painting, titled Christine, was the portrait of Christine Elizabeth Davis, an American hair stylist of West Indian descent. The painting was completed in under a week in 1971. Christine, who was in her mid-30s […]

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Dr. Olawale Sulaiman is a professor of neurosurgery and spinal surgery and chairman for the neurosurgery department and back and spine center at the Ochsner Neuroscience Institute in New Orleans.

Nigerian Neurosurgeon Takes Pay Cut to Perform Free Operations

Neurosurgeons are known as skilled operators. But straddling surgeries across two continents? That’s a different skill entirely. Dr. Olawale Sulaiman, 49, is a professor of neurosurgery and spinal surgery and chairman for the neurosurgery department and back and spine center at the Ochsner Neuroscience Institute in New Orleans. He lives in Louisiana, but splits his time between the US and […]

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Nigerian police have rescued more than 300 men and boys, some as young as five, from a "house of torture" in the Rigasa area of the northern city of Kaduna, 27 September, 2019. The detainees were allegedly sexually abused, starved and tortured while they were held captive in shackles. A sign above the building reads: "Imam Ahmad Bun Hambal centre for Islamic studies." (REUTERS/Stringer)

Hundreds were freed from a Nigerian ‘torture house’ during a police raid

Nearly 500 men and boys have been rescued from a building in the northern city of Kaduna, where the detainees were allegedly sexually abused and tortured according to a Nigerian police. Men and boys as young as five were found in shackles at what was thought to be an Islamic school. Location of the torture house in the northern city […]

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