Author: Dr. Bryan Rennie

An Ethology of Religion and Art: Belief as Behavior (Routledge Studies in Religion)

Theorizing the Relation of Religion and the Arts

I have recently worked in a number of related areas in the study of religion, completing several articles and a book focusing on a reconsideration of the philosophy of religion, especially through a reconsideration of the relationship of religion and art. These articles concern a very broad reappraisal of the academic study of religion. However, growing from this is a […]

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Elijah Contends Against The Priests Of Baal

Understanding the Prophets in the Bible

Notes from Dr. Bryan Rennie’s Religion 101 Class The Contents of the Jewish Scriptures The Prophets, contains materials relating to the entry into Canaan (i.e. relating to events as early as c. 1200 BCE). The earliest written texts cannot predate the monarchy, however. That is, c. 1020 BCE. The collection of the texts of the Nevi’im was not completed until […]

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